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Ariela & Evie

When it comes to horses that love being on camera, Evie is definitely not one to shy away from the lens! I have figured out very quickly that a 50% return on useable images is a great result when it comes to equestrian photography. With Ariela & Evie nearly 100% of what we shot was useable! Which, when you have over 1000 images, this made it very difficult for Ariela to select which she wanted. I have a feeling that the 3 of us will be out in the field again very soon...

Gunton April 2021

What an amazing day this was. This was the first official shoot of 2021, and it really did not disappoint. Set in the lovely grounds of the gunton estate,  early on a brisk Sunday morning, I set out to capture some candid jumping shots.  I really was spoilt though as all 7 horses wanted a piece of everything that I was shooting (with the exception of the water!!!)

surrounded by glorious open fields with a woodland backdrop, what else could I ask for!

A day out with yogi

so here is the horse & rider we can all blame for why I do what I do! The shots displayed on the left are from various times from 2020 up until now. Yogi is a great subject to see through the lens, but is also one of the most stubborn. I made the mistake early on in our friendship of keeping any treats I had for him in my right pocket. and why is this a problem...? mainly because, if my hand goes anywhere near my pocket while I'm setting up for a shot, you can forget it! This little prince will require a mouth full of titbits first in order for work to continue, otherwise you can forget it!

I have never seen what happens if the pocket contains no treats... but keep an eye on the 'blog' page as I am sure that day will come!

Equestrian Photography Meets Equestrian Yoga

This was one of those shoots where there had been glorious sunny days for the last 2 weeks, but today, of course, it was cloudy and overcast! But I was lucky enough to have 2 subjects who don't care about photographic requirements! As you can see, the camera absolutely loved them so the weather ended up having no impact on our final results.

Sam wanted some casual pictures of herself with Dragon but also some shots to help promote her brand of Equestrian Yoga. Both were achieved very quickly.

I highly recommend Sam if you are wanting to improve your riding experience or just learn more about Equine Yoga.

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